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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

tiips for free access internet

Will free internetan pass HP.

this non deceit but this benar2 we have proved.


Type of HP : Nokia owning facility of browsing.

Card : Dancing.

Pulsa : minimum of active Plus Rp.3.300.

access : do not conduct download only browsing.

which is

1. GPRS setting pass online / manual.

2. gateway : select;choose GPRS is not GSM data.

3. select;choose proteksi at or network of connection OFF security.

4. will try,

note : not all nokia can do this, i try nokia series 3200 (colour) and 6510 (monochrome)

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setting gprs

Setting GPRS.

Setting GPRS every operator different each other that beyond question, but in the reality there is also in one operator also differ in its its[his].

following settingan every used card plus operatur.

Setting GPRS for Indosat.

Card Setting Dance.

By on line.

1. ensuring that your hp have facility of GPRS.

2. visiting situs.

3. in registration/sign ascertain when registration, your Plus email No.HP of used true because them do verification pass/through email and no.hp.

4. select;choose GPRS setting.

5. select;choose type of HP your.

6. so, enjoy :)


: is usually conducted direct pass hp setting

1. ensuring that your hp have facility of GPRS.

2. your hp setting as follows :

name : indosatgprs.

Homepage/Situs :

Point APN/titik : indosatgprs.

Address IP : or user / consumer : password indosat : indosat for the motorola of CSD : 333 Port : 9201.

Tariff of GPRS [is] Rp.5 / kbps, Remember!!!!!!!!not pursuant to time but access.

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